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Seoul beauty trend alert: all about the LIPS

Hello beautiful friends!

There’s a series of daily posts coming replete with photos, beauty tips and trends straight from Seoul.

This post, I’ll keep relatively short, but in no particular order, here are the top 5 hottest lip trends in Seoul that I’ll share more about in the next posts. Ladies, LIPS ARE HUGE in Seoul right now. It is all about the lips. Keeping the face radiant and bare and focusing on the lips. Love it.

1. Gradient lips

2. Watery, moist glossy lips (not thick gloss, just a watery fresh sheen of color) 

3. Pops of color on lips - vibrant, fresh colors

4. Matching lips and cheeks! Such a lovely, feminine look.

5. “Cheon Song Yi” lips. Jun Ji Hyun who plays this character from the ever-so-popular korean drama “Who Came From the Stars” used this gorgeous, orangey bright lip gloss. The next day, every shade remotely similar in stores sold out in Seoul. Huge micro-trend that links beauty to korean celebrities/dramas/kpop. More on this dynamic later… For now, here’s the gorgeous shade on this gorgeous leading lady!

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!


Seoul Beauty Hunting: Day 3 and Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Today is Jungweon Daeboreum in Korea, which is the day that celebrates the fullest moon of the year. It’s a generally festive day where people wish each other good health and fortune and eat a lot of delicious traditional food together. This day happened to fall on the same day as Valentine’s Day this year, so the overall mood in Seoul today was quite mirthful. 

To celebrate the day, after visiting a brand that we’re currently curating and sharing a very tasty traditional meal together, I bumbled around Garosugil, Korea’s fashionista street to check out the latest beauty trends. After that, I made my way to Hongdae, a vibrant college town to have some fun at the awesome Mac store there. 


Later in the evening, I was sent a lovely Valentine’s Day package filled with beauty products. Super excited to try some new goods today. 

While beauty hunting, came across one of our classic staples - Clio’s gelpresso eyeliners but picked up their latest shades. I wear the shimmery black color daily and can’t get enough of this soft, creamy liner that somehow doesn’t smear. LOVE these new shades. 


For today’s giveaway, we’ll be gifting TWO of these new shades to the lucky winner. Here are today’s rules. 

1) Follow us on - a follower will be chosen randomly in 24 hours

2) To bolster your chances, score 5 extra entries for every image that you repin from our site to your board with an explanation of why you like the product/why it sounds interesting

On that note, happy Full Moon Valentine’s day - signing off from Seoul! 


Seoul Beauty Hunting: Day 1 and Gift du Jour: Laneige Water Drop Tint!

We go to Seoul and Tokyo every few months to curate the most buzzed about beauty sensations. Truly, this makes for a wonderfully fun job!

Our curation process is rigorous and intense - only 5% of brands we look into make our cut - but is something we’ll never compromise on so that only the very best is delivered to your doorstep. And to find the best, we look at it all: formulations, ingredients, efficacy, reviews, brand philosophy, product texture breaks, scent, and even packaging. We personally test everything along with our focus group for 27 days. We then ensure everything is properly customs cleared and FDA approved, where needed. It’s a long process to curate a single item because of our intense screening process, but the legwork is well worth the love our picks have received. 

More recently, we’ve gotten so many questions about our curation process that we decided to share our 20-day beauty hunting trip in Seoul with you this time around!

To keep it fun, we’re doing a giveaway each day, beginning today. We’ll be giving away some of our favorite finds from each day.


Quick recap of today’s beauty hunting activities:

10am: There’s a brand we discovered a couple months back. After intense focus group testing, we decided that we’d love to work more deeply with this brand. Spent a few hours interviewing the brand’s marketing, R&D and executive teams to ensure that the brand is an honest one with great formulations and quality controls in process. We’re so far in love! Stay tuned on our next brand launch. 

1pm: After lunch, bumbled around MyungDong and checked out the major multi-brand shops and individual beauty flagship stores.

2pm: Got completely sidetracked by the best lip stain/gloss/tint hybrid ever. Fell head over heels in love and decided this product needed to be today’s giveaway prize.

6pm: Had dinner in Insadong with a lovely friend who happens to love all things beauty, which made for fun conversation. Insadong is a small town in Seoul that maintains the structural and architectural integrity of old school Korea and has the most mouth-watering traditional Korean dishes.

8pm: Surf the net for reviews and blogs for the latest beauty sensations, make list of things to check out tomorrow.


Now onto the product of the day review!

Laneige’s Water Drop Tint:

Here’s a collage of the lip tint, including a snapshot of me with it on, and also what a gradient lip looks like with this product:


Wearing color chip #6, a gorgeous classic red that isn’t overpowering. 

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this “water drop tint” along with millions of others in Seoul -

  1. It stays put. It seriously doesn’t rub off, which is great if you’re looking for lips that somehow look rich in color and glossy through the whole day.
  2. Most lip stains or tints are a bit drying. This one is hydrating and maintains a beautiful gloss without looking messy or too gooey.
  3. The colors are gorgeous. I picked the Scarlet Red for the giveaway, one of the mainstay classic colors.
  4. It’s versatile - you can wear it as a lip gloss for a pop of color, or you can wear it just in the inner center for that popular gradient lip color look that’s become quite the trend out here. (More on gradient lips later for those who are unfamiliar with this)
  5. It smells lovely. A bit fruity and flowery at once in a subtle way. 

Contest rules:

Very easy! In the next 24 hours, leave a comment on our facebook about what your favorite lip products are. Double entries to win if you also list some of your favorite Korean beauty products. Enter here! Winners will be selected at random among commenters and announced 24 hours later. Scarlet Red Water Drop Tint will be shipped out in 2 weeks. Good luck!

xo from Seoul - Alicia

with a broken toe + walking cast amidst a snowy week in seoul, am missing gorgeous weather and fun pedicures! 
can’t complain though being in the middle of beauty paradise and the land of delicious baked goods :) 
follow us on instagram to see daily seoul pics!
xo from seoul! - alicia

with a broken toe + walking cast amidst a snowy week in seoul, am missing gorgeous weather and fun pedicures! 

can’t complain though being in the middle of beauty paradise and the land of delicious baked goods :) 

follow us on instagram to see daily seoul pics!

xo from seoul! - alicia

Look your best for the holidays - despite the stress and lack of sleep

I love the holidays, but somehow shopping for gifts, attending holiday events, and getting everything wrapped up before the new year invariably makes the holiday season stressful and sleep gets thrown to the wayside. 

If you’re anything like me, here are some quick fixes that have worked for me in looking your most radiant during the holidays despite the fact that you’re only actually still standing because of the 3 espresso shots that you just downed.


1. The night-before 15-minute trick: These masks are like an instant boost of plump and dewiness. Plop one on right before bedtime, relax for 15 minutes, and for extra hydration continue on with your full skincare regimen. You’ll wake up glowing. We don’t sell these yet, but for the holiday season they are going out as a gift for every order! (Stay tuned, they’ll be available for sale soon) 


2. Hyaluronic acid: Pat in generous amounts to your face every AM/PM this holiday season. By holding 1000x its weight in water, you’ll see and feel the difference. Drink lots of water, pat this in and you’ll be holiday-soiree ready.


3. Makeup goes a long way: It’s all about pepping up those tired eyes. For brighter eyes during the day, dab on a skin-toned primer right underneath the eyes, followed by tightlining eyeliner right on your waterline to brighten eyes without looking like you’re trying too hard. For the PM events, the highlighters especially with a tiny bit of shimmer placed strategically right under the eyes and in the corners will make for a glam holiday look. 


This is actually a shameless selfie from last year’s holiday season after burning the midnight oil for work and running around to events. I first discovered the mask+serum combo this winter, and hopefully, it did the trick and I was able to hide the fact that I was holiday blitzing in total delirium!

Fake it ‘till you make it :)




NYC, I love you

It’s been one of those weeks where all the minutes blur into a hot mess of espressos, subway rides, cat naps and 3am calls with Asia. Despite the fatigue creeping in on the edges, we’ve been drinking in the amped up energy in the office. We’re planning some, if we may say so ourselves, ridiculously exciting new additions to Peach and Lily (stay tuned!), so it’s been a labor of love lately. And that’s always worth it.

After a meeting in midtown east, instead of heading home, I took a breather on 5th ave. Who needs energy drinks when there are studded Valentino heels and buttery leather Saint Laurent bags (as controversial as they’ve been) perched on perfectly polished shelves? Ahhh, carefully curated high fashion. This is my version of red bull and a soothing wine rolled into one - uppers and downers that relax and energize you all at once (at least psychologically).

In leather and pleather to check out some leather.

(Wilfred pants, Frye boots, Sandro sweater, Balenciaga bag, Isabel Marant jacket)

Came home tonight with enough energy to burn the midnight oil.

And this is one of the many shameless reasons why NYC, I love you. <3

- Alicia

Beauty trilemma: 1) hydrated eye area, 2) smudgeproof eyeliner, 3) easily removable eyeliner

For those waiting to hear about the specifics on the face oils from the previous entry, fear not, that’s coming later this week.

Today, per the request of a Peach and Lily friend, we’ll discuss the classic beauty trilemma - how do you keep your under eye area well hydrated, yet eyeliner in place and at the same time easily removable. Usually, two is achievable and that’s on a good day. We’re lucky if we can even get one fully going. Dare we seek to achieve all three things???

It’s possible ladies. Here are a few solutions.

  1. Hardcore solution: Don’t skimp on the eye creams. This is a must. AM and PM. (we can and should have a whole separate discussion on eye creams - why they’re important and how you find one right for you) In the AM, when you’re then going through your makeup routine, what do you do? Your eye area is wonderfully hydrated and awesome, but totally slippery and not ready for eyeliner, especially of the undereye variety. The first thing you do after the eye cream settles in (give it a couple minutes), you put on BB Cream or a primer. Pat it in, and let it absorb as well. Then you apply your undereye liner. Let that dry. Then you reapply the BB Cream right under the undereye liner. Let that settle in again. I love this because the BB Cream highlights and offsets the eyeliner again making the contrast result in a neatly lined eye surrounded by subtle brightness. So awake looking and crisp. Finally, the most important step is to take a matte powder (could be loose or pressed) and dab onto your pinky (if your pinky is small ;>) or a qtip and pat onto the skin under the eyeliner. The powder will help keep the eyeliner from smearing throughout the day. The KEY is to let everything settle in between steps. The other trick is that the BB Cream and/or primer helps lock in the moisture and the powder will sit on top of the BB Cream soaking that in vs. soaking in all the moisture you just put into your skin from your eye cream. The powder just sits atop the BB Cream (vs. your skin) and acts as a smudging barrier. All of this washes off relatively easily.
  2. Product solution: Or you can just use these two products. Amazing and lasts seriously through the day. This allure pick ergo liner or this iconic liner that flies off shelves because it solves the trilemma. That easy. And it washes off pretty easily.
  3. Tattoo solution: Or get a permanent or semi-permanent liner tattoo. =P

Let us know how these tips go!


Why you should say yes to face oils

Face oils are recently making headlines in skincare. Here’s the science behind why face oils totally do live up to the hype.

And why we just launched a few that we LOVE in time for the fall weather.

  1. Better absorbability: Without getting too verbose, beauty R&D spends a lot of money on figuring out how to get a lot of amazing ingredients deep into the skin because water (the base for most beauty products) have particles bigger than the skin’s barrier and therefore without a whole bunch of hydrolyzing and other scientific-magic, absorbability becomes an issue. It’s a key problem that beauty labs solve for. And they have come up with a lot of nifty solutions. Having said that, oils are amazing because when applied before other more cream-like products, they have the ability to “trick” the skin to let other key ingredients (e.g. vitamin C ester, peptides, etc.) into the skin. And the deeper layers of the skin is where fibroblasts that product collagen live. And this all happens without irritating the skin. Win, win, win.
  2. Better hydration towards youthful, less saggy skin: With age, the skin’s moisture barrier breaks down and oil production decreases. Essentially, the skin becomes more like a dried out sponge than a fluffy, hydrated sponge. Oils are lipophilic and pass through the skin’s lipid layer faster and help hydrate the skin’s deeper layers more effectively than a lot of creams and serums.
  3. Helps with making skin less sensitive: Some face oils help reduce inflammation and irritability, which in turn results in soothed skin that can better handle some of your other skincare products.
  4. Heapings of antioxidants: Many face oils are powerful, natural antioxidants that will fight free-radicals (big enemy in maintaining youthful skin).
  5. Ironically, helps with keeping face more oil-free: Stripped, dry skin kicks in oil production to compensate and leads to overcompensating with excess sebum production. Face oils help keep the skin nourished of oils and reduces the skin’s overproduction of oils to keep skin more balanced.

Here are some amazing face oils that we thoughtfully curated for you (scroll down to section that says Face Oils). Today, will just stick to the science. Tomorrow will be the fun bit on the products - what each of these oils do and why we HAD to select these. Hope this was helpful!