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Lip tutorial: Clio’s Lipnicure can do glam, shine, gradient, matte, and more

We love products that can multi-task and do different looks for what the occasion calls for. 

Clio’s Lipnicure and Top Coat is a killer combo that wears in totally different ways. For that, we love these products. 


Without further ado, here are five ways to rock the Clio Lipnicure and top coat:

1) A gorgeous matte pop of color: Take your Lipnicure and swipe one to two thin layers. And you’re all set. Easy as 1-2-3. Tip: for a more beautiful smooth texture, be sure to exfoliate lips beforehand.


2. Gradient/gradation lips: This is a big trend in Korea. A subtle pop of color in the inside of lips with it fading towards the outside of lips for a more natural and sweeter look. 


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Snippets of the Peach and Lily Journey

We’ve been unbelievably privileged to have the opportunity to build something that we’re passionate about. Here’s a little snippet of our journey to date through major milestones and some behind-the-scenes photos!

Years ago, the initial introduction: Alicia and Cindy met a handful of years ago through a mutual friend. Alicia was in Korea at the time visiting family after graduating from Harvard Business School, and Cindy was working in Korea and considering going to business school. Conversations about business school, entrepreneurship, sports and of course, beauty, led to a fast rapport.


Cindy’s a professional synchronized skater - here’s Alicia getting free skating lessons from Cindy! 

Summer 2012, the idea: Alicia and Cindy kept in touch through the years and would discuss startup ideas and the exciting things in Korea that can’t be found in the US. Alicia was working for the Boston Consulting Group at the time focusing on beauty clients. Cindy was working for a beauty startup in Seoul. Alicia noticed that major beauty clients in the US would look to Korea for the best beauty formulations. Cindy saw that beauty brands in Korea were interested in being in the US market, but had many pain points to come to the US. After lightly testing the idea, the two paired up to decide to launch Peach and Lily. Bottom line: consumers in the US wanted access to great Korean and Japanese beauty products but didn’t have a good channel to shop curated brands. 


Here’s our initial sign-up page from 2012!

August 2012, Alicia quits her job: Putting in notice at BCG was a bit daunting especially with a promotion around the corner. However, there were green lights everywhere to pursue this idea and starting another project that could potentially take 6 months wasn’t ideal. All eggs-in-one-basket! Alicia put in notice in August and officially left BCG Labor Day, 2 years ago!


Alicia’s last day at BCG in front of her office!

Fall 2012, Beauty-hunting in Korea: Alicia went out to Korea to curate Peach and Lily’s very first beauty brands. Even though Peach and Lily had no consumers at the time, we believed that the most important thing would be to stick to a rigorous curation process. Screening products and brands by thousands of consumer reviews, finding cult sensations, vetting and reviewing ingredients and formulations, interviewing the brands’ executive, marketing & R&D teams to ensure a commitment to quality, and then focus-group testing each product for 27days+ took time, but continues to remain Peach and Lily’s cornerstone principle. Only 5% of brands make the Peach and Lily cut, but we continue to stick to this intense vetting process to make sure you only see the best of the best! October: beauty brand 1 curated! 


Part of beauty-hunting included the requisite spa explorations - and of course, wearing a towel on the head ram-style to keep sweat off the face, the way all the Koreans do it. 

December 2012, Cindy quits Wharton business school: With just one semester left to go, Cindy leaves Wharton business school and joins Alicia full-time in building Peach and Lily. She is building out the website and working with designers and developers to be able to build a website that can support what we’d like to share about the brands and easily shop the products. She’s also setting up the logistics to ensure once the website launches, all products can be shipped in a timely manner and without breaking along the way. Without any outside funding, we’re trying to ensure a quality and seamless, but cost-effective solution to deliver a great customer experience!


Cindy at her last semester at bschool doing cool things before leaving!

January 2013, Peach and Lily beta site launches: We did it! We officially launched our site on 1/23/2013 with just four but very exceptional brands. It was such an exciting day when we opened up our e-commerce site and sent out our very first email to announce the open. Dozens upon dozens of orders came in, which was then fulfilled out of Cindy’s apartment with the help of her parents. Thank you, Kim’s!


All boxed up and ready-to-go!

April 2013, Peach and Lily launches in non-beta mode: We officially launched our site (not in beta mode) a few months later with 4 more brands added to the site. Our first press feature was secured…except Allure Magazine wanted the exclusive and they wanted to feature this in September. So we happily waited until then, but kept chugging along with adding more products to the site after the same rigorous vetting that we apply to every product on our site. By this point, we had moved our “offices” into Alicia’s apartment and had a team of 3, including our Japanese Brands Director.


Our first press feature! Thank you, Allure. <3

July 2013, Peach and Lily at Cosmoprof: This was our first tradeshow with our own booth, and it was a blast. We lined up tons of interest in Korean and Japanese brands from various retailers and consumers and realized that these great products aren’t just niche products, but mainstream national retailers loved them for the exceptional quality and efficacy. We were super thankful that we stuck to our guns and never compromised on our curation process, truly bringing only the best of the best over State-side. To treat ourselves, we watched Zumanity, which was awesome!


Our very first Peach and Lily booth!

September 2013, Peach and Lily in Nolita: We paired up with the Korean government in the Openhouse Gallery to help introduce ten Korean brands, including one of our partner portfolio brands to New Yorkers! The grand opening event was incredibly energized and we were so excited to see an offline destination dedicated to Korean beauty brands.


Alicia and Cindy at the grand opening event!

December 2013, Peach and Lily during the holidays: Wow, we had NO IDEA how crazy the holiday season can get for retail! We faced our first holiday season head-on and it was completely insane and amazing at the same time. Our orders went up by at least five times overnight and we had to hire people temporarily to make sure everyone’s holiday gifts and splurges were arriving on time. We were able to make sure everything got out on time, and even had a couple days off to celebrate the holidays ourselves!


Holiday orders in full swing! Assembly-lining orders to ensure everyone gets everything on time. 

April 2014, Peach and Lily moves into a larger warehouse: We were storing, picking and packing out of a small warehouse on the upper west side that we grew out of. We had to quickly figure out a new solution. And we found the perfect one in NJ that is big enough to account for how much we would (hopefully) grow in the future!


Cindy and Cathy, our incredible Operations Manager in front of our new warehouse!


Mostly done organizing our inventory in this very safe, room-temperature controlled warehouse after all products passed all quality control testing!

May 2014, Peach and Lily gets funding: We made a big decision this past May to accept outside funding. We were very thankful to find investors who are incredible partners who care about our consumers, brands and vision as much as we do! We felt so thankful and empowered to do even more for our consumers and create a better experience. We celebrated by first catching up on sleep and then hitting a spa!


A special moment for us that we’ll always cherish.

July 2014, Peach and Lily at Cosmoprof, Year 2: It was interesting to return to Cosmoprof and this time have retailers and consumers actually know about us beforehand. We were thrilled to return with new brands to debut and see the overwhelmingly positive feedback again. Korean and Japanese beauty brands definitely know how to wow and please a crowd.


Year 2 at Cosmoprof!

September 2014, Peach and Lily team grows/is growing: We had contractors and a few people who had joined our team over the last couple years. We’re growing our team and hiring! We’re specifically looking for those who are savvy marketers and excited to be in an entrepreneurial environment. For those seriously interested, btw, please feel free to send us an email at!

Big moments: Over the last couple years, we’ve gone to Korea and Japan 7 times for a total of ~8 months to beauty hunt on the ground and have stayed on top of trends and brought back hopefully very exciting products each time. We’ve moved warehouses a few times, and offices twice. We’ve officially settled down in the garment district right next to Macy’s. We’ve been to 5 tradeshows. We’ve had 5 pop-up shops offline. We’ve brought the offline Asian sheet mask storefront experience online. Through it all, we’ve had so much fun and count it a great privilege to be able to be a small part of your journey towards healthy and radiant skin!

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

xo- Peach and Lily

$1,000 Personalized Jackpot!!!


Say hello to our very first Jackpot offering as a way for us to appreciate our customers!

Without further ado, here is how the Jackpot works:

1) By Monday, 8/25, 11:59PM EST, anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter will be enrolled in the jackpot. Here’s where you can subscribe!

i) Jackpot #1 includes a gift card where you can receive a free deep-dive skincare consultation via phone by a trained esthetician and then receive $1,000 worth of beauty products curated for your skin type and concerns

ii) Jackpot #2 gets a gift card to receive the same deep-dive skincare consultation by phone and $500 worth of beauty products curated for your skin type and concerns

iii) Jackpot #3 gets a gift card to receive same deep-dive skincare consultation by phone and $200 worth of beauty products curated for your skin type and concerns

GOOD LUCK and hope you get the JACKPOT!

xo- Peach and Lily!

Beauty trends straight from the streets of Seoul: Part I and K-beauty bag giveaway revealed!

I can’t think of another city that churns out new beauty products as quickly as Seoul does. I’m back every 2-3 months to search for the newest and best beauty products this city has to offer, and each time I’m amazed.

Cushion compacts that come without oil or stickiness, liquid foundations that turn into powder, lip tints that are jelly-like for maximum dewiness, gel oils that seal in skincare products to use before makeup primers, a moisturizing balm for the face that has a shimmer highlighter embedded in the middle for dual functionality, and the list goes on.

We’ll get to the exciting new items in a subsequent blog entry, but before that, I wanted to focus on some of the more classic trends - or timeless beauty needs, rather - that serve as the pillars for the more seasonal trends.

These timeless beauty currents drive beauty innovation as brands strive to meet these age-old beauty concerns through better formulations, ingredients and technology.

Here are the top 3 classic “trends” that aren’t going anywhere that Korean women still strive to attain in near-perfect measures: 1) Perfectly hydrated, 2) Perfectly clean, 3) Perfectly natural.

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Morning De-swelling Massage: How to reduce facial swelling with these easy massage tips!


Every morning after cleansing my face, I mix a good amount of Be The Skin toner and serum in the palm of my hand and rub massage points on my face and neckline where lymphatic fluids may be clogged, which can lead to facial swelling. The toner and serum help to massage the skin smoothly without having to rub and irritate dry skin. Here are some easy massage tips on how to reduce swelling. Try these in the morning at home, during the day at work, wherever and whenever!

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Happy Independence Day, Korea! XO from the lush, gorgeous mountains of Seoul. Proudly waving a flag from @aliciayoon212 home in Korea while enjoying these last few days of beauty-hunting and curating in Seoul! #peachandlily in #Seoul #korea 🇰🇷

Happy Independence Day, Korea! XO from the lush, gorgeous mountains of Seoul. Proudly waving a flag from @aliciayoon212 home in Korea while enjoying these last few days of beauty-hunting and curating in Seoul! #peachandlily in #Seoul #korea 🇰🇷

Had so much fun today meeting with #cosmopolitan in #Seoul and discussing the latest korean beauty trends! Watery essences continues to be a huge trend as these seep right into your skin&#8217;s deeper layers where skin can truly be rejuvenated. 💧💧💧Stay tuned on our newest beauty hunt finds! #peachandlily #peachandlilyinseoul ❤️

Had so much fun today meeting with #cosmopolitan in #Seoul and discussing the latest korean beauty trends! Watery essences continues to be a huge trend as these seep right into your skin’s deeper layers where skin can truly be rejuvenated. 💧💧💧Stay tuned on our newest beauty hunt finds! #peachandlily #peachandlilyinseoul ❤️

Skincare hacks: How changing the basics can improve your skin

We’re turning over the mic to our very own Editorial Guru, Stella, who recently joined us to dig deep and write, share, and breathe all things Asian beauty.  As a former K-Pop-scouted-trainee and cosmetics model who has navigated through her share of beauty products, we’re excited to hear all that she has to say about her take on skincare and cosmetics.



Many of us spend so much time, money and effort improving and maintaining our facial skincare regimens that problems arising on the rest of our bodies often go unnoticed. Have you ever secretly suffered from chest / back acne and was unable to speak up out of embarrassment? I’ve certainly been there. During my first few years in college, I faced the consequences of hormone imbalances, resulting in severe adult acne. I will save the heart-wrenching stories about my extreme efforts to fix facial acne for another day, but the main concern for today’s post is about bodily breakouts.

Did you know that using the wrong shampoo could cause acne on areas that your hair touches (i.e. your hairline, forehead, cheeks, chest, and back)? Two ingredients in hair products that you should particularly look out for are panthenol, sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate and its relative, ammonium lauryl sulfate, are foam-boosting agents and synthetic detergents that should be avoided if you’re prone to acne: they both cause acne breakouts when included in products in high concentrations or left on the skin for long periods of time. Panthenol, though, makes for a good ingredient in skin care products and will not cause breakouts if used in lower concentrations, but the extremely high percentages used in hair care products can cause acne blemishes on the back and around the hairline for some.


After finding out that all my hair care products contain these ingredients (even those heavily advertised on the media to be life changing and innovative), I immediately switched out my entire bath kit to panthenol-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free products. Only after about two weeks of using the new hair line, the blemishes that had formed on my chest and back were gone like magic, although some older ones had left scars and took longer to recover. 

Recently, I switched out my hair products to uka’s hair care line thoughtfully curated by Peach and Lily, and it is doing wonders. uka’s Deep & Light Scalp Cleanser is an award-winning formula from Japan that uses high quality plant-derived amino acids to restore the health of your scalp. It replenishes and nourishes the scalp on the inside to prep it for healthy hair production. This means your hair will be less susceptible to dryness and oiliness, whichever may be your main concern. I have a very oily scalp, which forces me to wash my hair twice a day; but I also have colored hair, which loses its original color with excessive washing. Another great thing about the uka line is that the Wake Up! shampoo provides volume and strengthens hair while the Nighty Night! shampoo hydrates and repairs overnight.


Your hair is made up of 18 amino acids, 15 of which uka’s head therapy series contain. These 15 amino acids combined work exactly as those 18 amino acids work to nourish your scalp and treat your hair back to its natural, optimal health. To name a few:

1)   Arginine helps blood supply flow to the hair root, which in turn stimulates hair growth

2)   Glycine helps produce collagen, which revitalizes and strengthens your hair/scalp

3)   Proline acts as an exfoliator and works to improve moisture retention and also acts as an antioxidant, thus strengthening your scalp even in harsh conditions.

These three amino acids, and many others, are essential ingredients in the uka hair therapy line. This also makes a great shampoo/treatment for those looking to grow out their hair. I haven’t come across any blemish problems; the brand promises to keep those synthetic, unnecessary ingredients out, providing only the best for all types of hair conditions.

Give it a shot! Again, for those who are looking to find a remedy for “back-ne” and cystic acne around the hairline, uka’s hair therapy line is a must-have. It’s also a great hair care swap for those looking to rebuild and strengthen overall scalp/hair health.

*TIP: The products also contain the thermal hair ingredient y-docosalactone, which reacts with the hair’s internal amino acids under heat to create strength and shine. Remember to use a dryer with warm heat!

Remember, always feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns:

xx Stella

For you #betheskin fans out there, we are in Korea curating some of their incredible products that you can use alongside their extremely popular toners, serums and creams. High quality botanical and herbal ingredients that works well for even those with sensitive skin - we can&#8217;t get enough of Be the Skin! Stay tuned on these latest hits from Be the Skin. #peachandlily #peachandlilyinseoul

For you #betheskin fans out there, we are in Korea curating some of their incredible products that you can use alongside their extremely popular toners, serums and creams. High quality botanical and herbal ingredients that works well for even those with sensitive skin - we can’t get enough of Be the Skin! Stay tuned on these latest hits from Be the Skin. #peachandlily #peachandlilyinseoul